A terribly fitted fire door won’t save lives

We are all aware of the significance of security doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας – , as well as the role they play in shielding lives as well as buildings in the event of a fire outbreak. It is a natural presumption on our part, though, that merely due to the fact that we see a fire door exists, that it is in ideal working order and also will certainly do its’ task when required.

This, however, is not always the case! No matter how great the actual fire door itself is, if it has actually been inaccurately fitted, or harmed. After that it will be compromised, and represents potential threat for those inside that structure.

Below are a few aspects individuals need to be aware of:

How does a fire door function?

The main function of a fire door is to decrease the spread, or escalation, of a fire episode. A correctly fitted fire door will hold back flames and smoke, and also restrict the advancement of any kind of fire by containing, or decreasing, the advancement of the fire’s potential passage throughout a structure.

Fire doors will create a protected route to safety in the event of a fire outbreak. When a structure is being created, or updated, all leave points and also leave routes are recognized. The structure is after that split right into ‘areas‘ which will then be shielded via the fitting of fire doors.

These fire doors – πυρίμαχες πόρτες – essentially ‘purchase the time‘ needed for a risk-free emptying of the building occupants. If these internal fire doors are not appropriately fitted, then these getaway paths are jeopardized and lives jeopardized.

A fire door will certainly supply a degree of protection for anything from 20 mins upwards, depending upon the real door spec.

The necessary components of a fire door

1. Seals

Every fire door need to be fitted with in-tumescent seals. These seals are crucial to the fire door’s efficiency as they increase with warmth, thus making sure that fire and also smoke are had within the fire resource and does not spread into the adjacent area. These seals must be examined regularly for damage of any kind that may jeopardize this function.

2. Polishing

If there are any type of internal fire doors with glass, then the polished element should be fire-rated glass. Normal, non-fire ranked glass can not hold up against the intense heat created by a fire, and will therefore break, permitting flames and smoke to spread out into adjoining spaces and areas.

3. Ironmongery

All fire doors must be attached with at the very least three hinge sets and ought to have no broken, or missing out on screws. The door locks, security locks – kleidaries asfaleias, takes care of and also door-closers must additionally be fire evaluated and certificated. Any type of concession of these elements can endanger safety.

4. Signs

In any type of industrial properties, proper signs is needed on all fire doors. Both sides of any fire door must present indicators plainly determining it because of this. In the event of a fire, people require to recognize exactly which doors are fire doors, where they are and how to access them. If fire doors are not clearly signed, then people can leave them propped open, or block access to them, without understanding that they may be jeopardizing the safety and security of others.

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