Teaching Private English Lessons in Athens

Private lessons – ιδιαίτερα μαθήματα – is not an easy work not only in Athens, but all over the world. Find students and work generally is exhausting. Most teachers in different fields prefer joining platforms like tutors.gr to have a more professional profile. This is what we recommend you also do!

Mary’s opinion

I worked in Greece from 1990 till 2008. It was efficient initial however has currently come to be a spending money work– you can’t survive the income. It’s fine if you’re dealing with a well-paid companion or living at home. Any kind of specialist credentials (Master’s, CELTA) is not rewarded. There’s nowhere to proceed. I passed the new “Ellinomatheia” examination’ and afterwards, with great regret, left a cherished nation that’s still partially in the Middle Ages!

Elizabeth’s opinion

The situation here is dispiriting for immigrants who desire to teach English in Greece. Most importantly, the salaries are below average for even someone holding a message academic degree. Even if you make a decision to supplement your income, you have to have the right links in order to find trainees. Besides, with private tutoring, you won’t have any type of form of medical insurance, which I believe is more vital than a good income (health comes first).

Pupils typically will not show up for the lesson. In addition to that, you won’t obtain any kind of unemployment insurance once the school year finishes; think of being without a work for almost 4 months during the summertime. Who intends to find out English in the summer? Absolutely nobody below in Greece. Public institution teaching is the most effective job, because they only work 5 months out of the year– summertime off, vacations, school trips and naturally strikes. Think it or not, they earn money for the entire year!

What do we think about it?

Elizabeth is so right, regrettably! You can barely survive a wage as an instructor of English unless you work a lot of hours. The majority of instructors function between 24 as well as 32 hrs per week so it’s easy to imagine the top quality and the effect on health.

The hourly price for a beginner instructor in a frontistiria is 9 euros, insurance consisted of, and also this implies you will certainly get about 7 and a half euros in hand. Prep work time is unpaid.

If you are an EU national, it will certainly be relatively simple to obtain a task as long as you have the ideal qualifications– university level in English or, otherwise, a college level and also a proficiency certification– Cambridge CPE or Michigan ECPE. The knowledge of Greek shows very useful however I also do not agree with the examination that an instructor need to pass to obtain a training permit. In Athens you may find work if you browse job websites at the end of the summertime. For the remainder of the country, going from door to door or using an agency are the methods to go.

You may have exclusive courses if you market them in bookshops or supermarkets but this depends a whole lot on where you live. There are places where people do not see the benefits of personal tutoring and also favour the cheaper option of the local crammed fontistiria.

Training is still something new and also boring for a great deal of frontistiria owners and even for a lot of teachers. Certainly things are a bit various in Athens yet still not at the degree of various other European countries.

One might such as the life rhythm which is pretty slow-moving, especially in the islands. Think about that seriously ahead of time due to the fact that it can end up being a real issue as I have actually seen until now among colleagues.

To sum up, Greece is not a place to make tons of money unless you are a frontistiria owner however, for people aiming to go back in time and experience a slow-paced life it can be really good.

Helen’s opinion

My experience of teaching English in Greece “ιδιαίτερα ξένες γλώσσες” is very various as well as a lot more positive than most of those over. I have been doing this work considering that 1993. I work reasonably couple of hours and make typically at the very least 1500 a month through the academic year. Due to the fact that I work at a college along with at exclusive lessons (where the actual cash originates from) I can declare welfare through the summer season (I frequently have one or two lessons after that as well to tide me with).

Greek children are courteous, punctual and exceptionally tireless for the main part. I have actually been working with the same college proprietor for 15 years as well as we have a relationship of mutual depend on and regard. I earn money 12 euros cash at my institution, and I can most likely request for even more but the benefits are not simply financial– through schools one usually picks up private lessons.

Probably part of the factor for my positive impression of the task is that I live as well as work in Chania, Crete, a wonderful little town with a relatively high standard of life. Things may be much more competitive in big communities.

Some previous adverse remarks are exact though– Greece has a twisted as well as aggravating administration, and also some school proprietors are con-artists, so select very carefully.

You do require to pass tests in the Greek language to educate lawfully. These are absolutely NOT Proficiency-level examinations– not also Lower degree. It may hold true that the Greek federal government is insisting on this qualification in the face of European objections so regarding border non-Greek instructors out of the system– in such a way, that can blame them? Yet a native-English-speaking teacher of some years experience is well-respected in Greek culture and I have yet to ever feel victimized.

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