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Santorini is on the list of things for one to see before they die and they are not wrong. You can explore Santorini with Santorini private tour by Santorinitours.org at Emporio 847 03 and you can call us on 694 457 7918. If you are organizing a short summer getaway or looking for a romantic trip for two, then Santorini will compensate you with more. For a highly romantic getaway with Cycladic air and volcano views, find out everything you need to know before booking tickets and suitcases.

A trip to Santorini is an investment for a lifetime. The images and experiences you will take with you when you return to your base are not described. In order to be able to make the trip to Santorini, we would advise you to book tickets as soon as possible and your accommodation to find them in the right place and in the budget you have.

Arrival in Santorini

Once the ship arrives at the port of Santorini, there you understand that you start to walk in the dream. Santorini is one of the few islands that will not bother you if you enter the sea to enjoy your dives in the Aegean. This island has an eerie beauty that does not exist anywhere else in the world. Once you arrive at the port, the first thing you need to do is think about going up to Fira by caror by bus. The ascent to Fira is magnificent, as you will be able to see from above the port of Santorini overlooking the volcano. But you will find out later.

Tour of Fira

Fira takes turns. Fira is the capital of the island and entertainment. There you will be able to walk in the cobbled alleys, to browse tourist shops, to taste Santorini cuisine and of course to be led to the Caldera, one of the most beautiful and famous places in the world.

With a view of the volcano you will be able to enjoy your walks in the area, while in the evening you can choose your favorite hangout, where you will drink your drink against the background of the active volcano of Santorini.

Walk on the path of Fira

In the summer in Santorini requires walks and explorations. If you like walking, the program includes a walk on the path from Fira to Firostefani. It is a unique experience, where you will be able to enjoy the view of the volcano during the day, to walk in the picturesque alleys of the island and to explore museums and churches, which you will find in your passage. Necessary stops are required for rest with photos and replenishment of forces in the nearby shops. Do not forget to eat ice cream machine in Firostefani (on the path next to the church).

Imerovigli for relaxation

If you are looking for relaxation on your holiday, then stopping at Imerovigli is a must. It is one of the most famous hot spots on the island, both for romantic walks and for exploring with children. Beautiful cafes with views offer comfort and options for you and your little friends. If you have a large enough budget, staying there is a must.

In Oia for the best sunset in the world

Millions of travelers from all over the world flock to Santorini to enjoy the best sunset in the world. In particular, the reason for Oia, the famous lady of Santorini, who is literally flooded with travelers of all nationalities, who are not content to simply enjoy the sunset, but to immortalize it at any cost. But if you exclude this ungrateful note, the sunset of Santorini alone can make the trip to Santorini unique.

Excursion to the volcano of Santorini

You can not leave Santorini without visiting the active volcano. Secure your ticket from a travel agency in the center of Fira and take the descent to the old port of Fira. You can reach it, either on foot, the old-fashioned way with donkeys, or more modernly with the cable car.

The sailing boat will be waiting for you along with dozens of tourists, who want to see the magic of the volcano up close. Take a tour of Nea Kameni, capture the moment with photos and continue your tour of Palea Kameni with its hot baths. If you can stand it, you can dive in water, which reaches 26 degrees. If you are lucky, you may also see Sostis, the man who left everything and now lives alone in Palea Kameni.

Travel to Santorini

Whether you want to risk your stamina and dive into icy waters, or just explore the beaches of Santorini, the must stops are as follows. A trip to Santorini can be a good opportunity to learn a few more things about this place. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Thira and the Wine Museum in Pyrgos. Do not miss the opportunity and go to Akrotiri to enjoy the view and the ancient city.

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