13 ideas for stylish comfortable #Stayhome

Even when we stay at home we don’t forget that we are women and a stylish outfit– gynaikeia royxa can make us feel beautiful!

This, of course, can be done even with the most comfortable clothes. Some of us prefer the form, others we stay all day with our pyjamas. Both options are suitable, as long as they express us! So now that…#Stayhome, we make our mood by wearing comfortable, cuddly and (when the weather demands it) warm clothes. There is, of course, the choice of the most seductive, sexy look, which is ideal to spend the day externalizing our feminine side.

And if you’re wondering “what clothes to wear to be groomed every day”, Beaute on Sunday suggests some simple but very fashionable ideas for dressing at home.

Combine comfort and femininity by wearing leggings

Dressing in leggings is undoubtedly comfortable. So you can wear it by combining it with a long cardigan and be stylish without feeling pressured. The leggings do not necessarily have to be cotton, although this is more convenient in general. This way you will be able to do the housework, relax on your couch watching movies – series or reading a book.

And if the weather is cold, wear your loose knitted socks or a pair of slippers to keep your feet warm.

If you are an athlete, wear your leggings and exercise

Even when you’re exercising, don’t forget your style, this will help you get better at fitness. So dress in the clothes you would choose for your gym or outdoor sport. You can wear something comfortable and sporty, like your leggings. Combine it with a sweatshirt or a simple t-shirt, wear your sneakers and you are ready for your daily exercise.


Enjoy relaxing at home with a tracksuit

The choice of form is one of the most classic. It offers comfort, warmth, but also a beautiful style in your home attire. So whether you choose a form set with the same sweatshirt or cardigan, or combine your wide trendy form with a cardigan, the result will be just as stylish!

For the hottest days, choosing a form is not forbidden. As long as you wear it with something cool on top, such as a crop top, a strap or just a loose t-shirt. Grab your hair high in one of the loose hairstyles for the house, such as the diligently sloppy bun and enjoy the opportunity for cocooning!

What more comfortable than your favourite pyjamas

For those who love the feeling or the comfort that a pair of pyjamas offers, the good news is that now that we live at home it is the perfect time to take advantage of it. So wear a nice and sexy one if you prefer a pair of pyjamas or your loose nightgown and enjoy a quiet and carefree day. Take care of yourself by making a face mask or a home-made manicure like a professional.

After all, we are women and we need a beautiful haircut and it invigorates us, even inside the house.

Stay home, put on your robe and relax

Instead of your pyjamas or over them (if it’s cold) you can wear your robe. Especially if you have previously enjoyed a relaxing bath.

For the most special moments at home, you can combine your robe only with your sexy lingerie.

Shorts are one of the most comfortable clothes for the home

And when the weather gets warmer, shorts become your favourite ally to be comfortable in the house. It’s cool, stylish and often seductive, especially if you choose a hot design. Sportswear with shorts is suitable for both the home gym and the rest of the day. Beyond that, if your style is more feminine, you can well choose a more casual-chic ensemble.

Find out which shorts fit each body type and see perfect combinations for every occasion.

Feminine look at home with a dress

The dress is one of the most feminine and comfortable clothes for the home. It is in itself a complete set. The wide variety of lengths and designs on dresses offers a variety of options for every style of a woman. Some have a more airy and boho style, while the sexy options are not missing.

Comfortable clothes with boho style

If you have a more vintage style of dress that exudes a relaxed and carefree mood, boho clothes are the most suitable. Wide-fitting jeans and mid-rise t-shirts or crop tops can give perfect style to your everyday outfit for the home. In combination with a thoroughly sloppy hairstyle or a ribbon in your hair, you can take off your look.

Everyday outfit with jeans and a warm sweater

And because many of us love jeans, even now that we live at home we can wear them creating elegant outfits. Comfortable and often wide jeans is a beautiful suggestion for your outfit. Pair it with cashmere or an oversized sweater and you’ll be ready.

Jeans overalls

Another interesting and casual chic idea is the jumpsuit. Whether it’s jeans or a coloured one, the one-piece suit of this style is ideal for the home. Wear it with a simple t-shirt, a turtleneck or a sweater and you will be stylish but also comfortable to relax or do your work.


Chic outfit for work from home

According to experts, now that we live at home and work from it, we should not neglect our clothing.So make sure you wear comfortable clothes that you would wear in your workplace so that you stay in the mood for work to be just as efficient.

An overly loose outfit may seduce you and not have the same effect on what your job requires. After all, some professions require internet chat with customers or partners. It would not be best to appear in your uniform or pyjamas. So dress elegantly and professionally even when it comes to working from home.

Wear a long loose sweater like a dress

The oversized sweater that you usually wear with your leggings is also warm and comfortable. But try to wear it plain as a dress. This way you will be sexier, but also more relaxed to do whatever you want in the house. Suppose if you have a partner, he will appreciate it!

If you live with him, you can borrow his shirt

Another seductive suggestion for you who live with your other half, but also for those of you who miss your partner because you live separately, is his men’s shirt. So not only will you feel feminine, but you will have the opportunity to have him closer to you every moment of the day!

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