Friday, October 24, 2014

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus - Not really iPhones

“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be”

Apples iPhone has been the smartphone that actually changed the way we use the smartphones now. The worlds first smartphone, in fact the true smartphone was the original iPhone which was unveiled by Steve Jobs back in June 2007, thats more than 7 years ago. Though Nokia was the king in the mobile arena and BlackBerry was the corporate king, and Samsung, Motorola were the niche players at that time. We did have some successful phones from Motorola, Sony at that time, but once the iPhone was released, it took everyone by surprise. No body could catchup and the results were fatal for few of them, including Nokia and BlackBerry, the two top players at that time. Samsung somehow managed to get better of the things, thanks to Googles Android platform, so did the other players like Sony and Motorola did to survive the iPhone storm.

The times have surely changed, though till date, more than 500 Million iPhones have been sold, and thats way too far than any other single player in the market. The Androids have a combined force of many brands and that too starting from a $100 range vs the lone Apple. Seeing the timeline of the Apple iPhone, the new launches does spike up the sales and the queues outside the Apple stores, but no one can ignore the recent criticism of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Not only in terms of the factors that the iPhone 6 plus is oversized, unlike what Apple always mentioned and criticised the Samsung phones of being too big, but to stay in the race, they had to do the same. Not only the 6 Plus is being criticised of bendgate, and the recent burst case of iPhone 6, but the fact is that the new siblings aren't really great smartphones at all, or in fact, not really the iPhones at all. Not in terms of the sizing, shapes, but the overall list is actually too long.

The bendgate (iPhone 6 Plus) - Surely, the Apple fanbois didn't pay for that, else they would have bought the LG G Flex. Apple claimed that only countable devices were reported to have bent, but it still is something that cannot be ignored.

The burnt case (iPhone 6) - The recent case where the iPhone 6 burnt down and giving the second degree burns to the owner. Apple might claim that Samsung Galaxy S4 once burnt down the entire house, but it wasn't an iPhone :)

The Size failure (iPhone 6 Plus) - Well, the 6 Plus is definitely not an iPhone in terms of the sizing, it is too big to be even considered in that league. Well, the misstep was taken when the iPad mini was released at 7 inches, and now that the iPhone 6 plus has 5.5 inch screen, they just messed up the chances of people going either way. Moreover, they always criticised Samsung and other brands of launching giant phones, and now have one point less to criticise others.

iOs 8 Glitches - Company itself is aware of several issues with its new OS. In fact, the company created an update that addresses a list of problems that includes third-party keyboards being deselected when entering passcodes and certain apps being denied access to the Photo Library. iOS 8 also stopped Apple's Safari browser from being able to upload photos and videos, and sometimes does not restore ringtones from iCloud backups. Thats really not a positive for them.

The Camera bulge - This is something even Apple hid from their site and on the banners, and is definitely a no no in terms of good looks.

The complete list can be found here for the issues the new iPhones are having. Do tell us about how you feel the new iPhones, are they really the iPhones you expected this year? What can we expect from the next generation of the iPhones?

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