Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note III, Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung has rolled out 3 devices at the launch event Unpacked 2013 Episode 2 on September 4, the three devices are unveiled namely Galaxy Note Tab 10.1, Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note III. These will be available worldwide at the end of this month and in Japan and US by October.


Samsung Galaxy Note III

It will be available in 3 colors, Jet black, Classic white and Blush pink with large range of accessories to choose from and a special S-View cover with a large void to see the screen. Seems the most advanced phone.

With Note III, its as easy as a Dot, Circle and a Box.

All new S Pen for Note III - It unlocks everything on the Note III. The air command on Note III with S-Pen which has got the 5 convenient features which brings you the fan type menu on the hover on screen when you see the Dot.

In the scrapbook feature, it lets you draw a Circle around the content and save it.

The new multi window supports the drag-n-drop feature which is the most advanced till date. You can open the same app in 2 windows. For instance, you can chat with 2 different friends at same time. Open the chat windows simultaneously, enable drag-n-drop using the Dot feature, and drag the content to other friend.

The Pen window – It lets you draw a box inside any app to call other useful apps, such as you can open a calculator and make the calculations inside already opened app. You can draw the box of any size and it will open in same size with the available apps.

Tech Specs:
Note III weighs 168 grams and measures 79.1mm x 151.2mm x 8.3mm. It has 5.7 inch super amoled screen. A 13 MP rear camera and a 1.9 PM front camera. It shoots the videos at 1080 at 60fps. It also records the 4K videos at ultra high definition. It is also equipped with high CRI LED flash with smart stabilized. With 3GB of RAM and 2.3GHz quad-core (LTE), a 1.9 GHz octa-core (3G), Note III surely promises no lags and with 3200mAh battery, Note III promises 40% more video playback time. It is finished with a leather like plastic on the rear and the covers are designed by Moschino and Nicholas Kirkwood. It also avails you the Evernote premium service for 1 year.

Note III supports the Multi Vision feature, which lets user play the same video and the devices will work as one screen. This is a similar feature as for group play in Samsung Galaxy S4, where users can play same music on more than one devices in sync.

Samsung Knox provide the protection, privacy and security for personal data and private and professional data can be managed.separately.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

A wearable watch which is obtrusive device which is crafted with stainless steel for all day comfort. It is available in six vibrant colors.

Better Together - The Galaxy Gear is seamlessly connected to the Galaxy smart phones with. The calendars, call logs, contacts and mail are always in sync along with the facebook and twitter updates. The Galaxy Gear and Note III work together all the time.

Smart Relay – When you receive an E-mail, you get the notification on Galaxy Gear, you just have to pick the Note III out of your pocket and the same E-Mai will automatically display in your Note III.

Connect Seamlessly – You can receive call alerts and also answer the calls and text messages. To receive a call, just raise you hand to ear and you are ready to talk. Also make calls without ever taking phone out of your pocket.

S Voice - Voice commands to call and sms, E-mails or set an alarm or check the weather.

Memographer - An outward facing camera which is accessible with one quick swipe down and click feature. Click a picture and send to friends in seconds. Gears camera goes beyond capturing as it also translate the language and provide more details about it.
Galaxy Gear Support all apps. These are specifically designed for Gear.

Tech Specs:
It has 1.63 super amoled touch screen at 320 x 320 HD resolution. A gyroscope to track workouts. It has 25+ hours backup on single charge.

It is compatible with Note III, Note II, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3. Galaxy Note 2 update will come in October.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 2014 Edition

It is a big enhancement over the last years Note tab. Available in black and white with 6 colors in total. Considerable reduction in weight from last year with increased battery life. It has an ultra high definition screen and supports Samsung Hub in tabs for first time. The new multi window feature is same as in Galaxy Note III but works better due to large screen. The S Pen and Air view are also same as in Note III.
The new apps Bloomberg BusinessWeek, twitter, Sketch book pro works really well on Tab 2014 edition. It has 3GB RAM, 8MP and 2MP rear and front facing camera respectively. Comes with Android Jelly bean 4.3 and 12 free premium partner apps.

Tech Specs:
It weighs 535 gms, and is housed with 8,220 mAh Battery and is just 7.9 mm thick. It has 10.1" WQXGA Display at 2560 X 1600. 1.9GHz Octa Core Processor on 3G and 2.3GHz Quad Core processor on LTE. It also shoots 1080 Full HD Videos at 60fps.

According to Samsung, Tab 10.1 2014 edition will change the way you think about large screen tabs with its gorgeous resolutions.

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