Sunday, September 15, 2013

Apple Needs a Steve Jobs, Not an iPhone

From 1985, when Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple to his return in December 1996 - Apple was just like any other company. On his return to Apple as an advisor, Jobs brought Apple from near bankruptcy to profitability by 1998. In a speech Jobs gave at Stanford University in 2005, he said being fired from Apple was the best thing that could have happened to him; "The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life." And he added, "I'm pretty sure none of this would have happened if I hadn't been fired from Apple. It was awful-tasting medicine, but I guess the patient needed it."


In an interview on August 4, 1995, Steve Jobs lashed out at the company he founded. “What ruined Apple was not growth… they got very greedy. Instead of following the original vision…they went for profits. What this cost them was their future. What they should have been doing is making rational profits and going for market share,” he said acidly, in a monologue that recently found its way into the public domain.
It is perhaps to this quote that analysts and investors alike were looking to this week, and left deeply disappointed resulting in Apple shares falling by 6% by September 13th.

Apple was expected to release an iPhone that was easy on the pocket, not a pack of vibrant colors costing a fortune. The targeted audience in for this low cost iPhone were left appalling with the whopping price of its cheapest version. iPhone 5C has sent out the waves of utter disappointment with its release which is rightly reflecting upon its trade market. This is what made us say, Apple doing a BlackBerry.


But iPhone 5C is one of the many reasons that Apple isn’t doing very well at the moment. The trade market, is one of the best reflection of how a company is doing and Apple has lost a substantial value over the last few months and has been dented by 33% from the time it launched iPhone 5, and has been fueled by the recent launch.

Though we don’t need a Wall Street analyst to tell us the obvious, it is obvious that Apple is losing its sheen, because rational investors are scared that the iPhone and iPad product cycles have run dry.

A million dollar question at this stage is, Can Apple innovate itself out of any problem, and even if Steve Jobs were alive, would Apple still be facing the same damn problems?

The answer is, NO in both cases, Apple doesn’t seem to be coming out of the problems with the recent track of the products they are launching, and they wouldn’t have been in such situation with Steve Jobs. This can be proved in many ways, but I always feel, it doesn’t need to be proved.

Coming on to the trade facts: From Jobs exile to his return, September 1985 to December 1996, Apple stock rose by 208%, and from his return to his sad demise in October 2011, it rose by whopping 6700%. From the launch of iPhone 4S(Oct 4, 2011) to iPhone 5(Without Jobs in 13 Sep, 2012), it rose by 83% and then onwards, it has been coming down and is currently down by 32% from last years iPhone 5 launch. I am by no means a stock analyst or a broker, but by these numbers, one can conclude the impact of Jobs presence in Apple.

The iPhones of Steve Jobs era, and past his era are completely different. He brought Apple from iPhone 3g to iPhone 4S, all of which were “the” best, and post his demise, Apple iPhone 5 is struggling against the last iPhone of Jobs era, that can be said by the fact, which was proved by discontinuing the iPhone 5 rather than 4S. Apple fanboys might say it was discontinued due to iPhone 5C but it might also be the case that Apple wanted Jobs iPhone in the list.

While Nokia has been sold, and with BlackBerry on verge, Apple might not be sold off yet, but we can not rule out the fact that it will never be sold. The smartphone market is no ones ally, Nokia and BlackBerry being the apt example. Samsung has been doing wonderful over the past few years, and it has its time, but their will always be another warrior rising from nowhere.

Finally, it is apt to say that Apple died on Oct, 5, 2011 with Steve Jobs, and to All Apple Fans out there, Apple is Dead. period.

Who knows that Apple might rise from the ashes again but to do so, Apple requires another Steve Jobs, Not another iPhone.

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