Sunday, September 01, 2013

Apple Doing a BlackBerry

If the rumored and leaked images of so called Apple iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are to be believed and if they do turn true at launch, I must say that it is going to be a tough road ahead for Apple. iPhone took the smartphone market by storm on its launch by taking the smartphones to the whole new level and redefining the mobile computing. In quite a similar way when RIM released its first BlackBerry devices, making secure real-time push-email communications possible on wireless devices. Services such as BlackBerry Messenger and the integration of all communications into a single inbox allowed users to access, create, share and act upon information instantly.

What is BlackBerry being criticized for over the last 5 years apart from the apps? A simple answer is, the looks. For a non BB user, it is really hard to differentiate between a curve and a bold. Some even go an extra mile to say they can’t differentiate between a bold and storm. Apart from being the same in looks and just minor updates in the look and feel of their OS, until BB 10, BlackBerry did every thing what could and actually did falter their progress and floored them. BlackBerry OS 10 is a really great Mobile Operating system, amid that, it is about a year late. BB OS 7 was the weakest link, and PlayBook was the catalyst, please don’t ask in what.

Apple iPhone 3, was the combination of all the best selling smartphones + innovation. BlackBerry, Nokia, Motorola were ruling the roost when iPhone came in. Why did it succeed? Well, to answer this, yes it was the smartest phone at that time, and truly 5 years ahead of its time, as Steve Job said at the launch. But we are already 6 years into time since than and Apple in nowhere ahead now. To say that Apples iPhone is still 5 years ahead would be a big blunder, it was 5 years ahead in 2007. But the problem is it still is in 2012, which means a year behind.


iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5, iOS 4 are similar to some extent with BB OS 7, OS 6, OS 5… Not in terms of functional behavior but because Apple is simply not bringing a change to it. period.

BB OS Over the years

BlackBerry OS 10 is miles ahead of its ancestors, but it was launched at the wrong time. Apple is following the footsteps of BlackBerry in not bringing the timely changes to its iOS. Adding to misery is its never changing looks. from iPhone 3 to iPhone 5, as an iPhone user or a non iPhone user, I CANNOT differentiate apart from a stretched screen on iPhone 5. It is because, they look the same, they do. How long will people or loyalist stick to it remains doubtful, but Apple must learn quickly that its nobody’s market, BlackBerry and Nokia fell when they were nowhere to be followed. Samsung did the same(brought a change) with Galaxy S2, thanks to its Android platform + a complete makeover of its predecessors over its ancestors that it is still doing well.

Apple simply cannot afford to launch an iPhone every year with an S in front of it, and add a number the next year and so on. If Apple is thinking of bringing on a cheaper iPhone, they are actually doing a BlackBerry, with Curve being their cheaper Bold. Well, for BlackBerry, blame it on price too.

At last, I would like to conclude that Apple, Samsung, Nokia, BlackBerry, no body makes bad phones, but if you don’t bring a change, and that too in time, you really will have to take a banging later.

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