Monday, June 10, 2013

PlayStation 4 console revealed at E3 2013, priced at $399

We have been seeing the PS4 controller for quite a long time now, and finally, the console has been revealed at E3 expo 2013. Gone are the curves for the consoles as the recently revealed XBOX one was a box shaped and so is PS3. Like the Xbox One it's got a square shape, and so are just about any obvious buttons. The two halves of the PS4 are slightly offset and angled to create a slightly aggressive profile when viewed from the right angle, but mostly it seems designed not to draw attention to itself. The design is suspiciously similar to SHARP X68000 which was released way back in 1987. More images for X68000

PlayStation 4 Console and Controller
The one portion of the device with the Sony and PlayStation logos on it is that glossy "piano black" we're all familiar with. But, the rest of the device appears to be a matte black which makes the console look serious. The list of available games range from Killzone Shadow Fall to Call of Duty: Ghosts. More information can be found at and the Official Playstation 4 Spec Sheet
PlayStation 4 Console and Controller
It is priced at $399 and will be available this holiday season and it is undercutting the Xbox One by a massive $100. The console war is on.

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