Monday, June 17, 2013

BlackBerry 10 Devices Timeline - 3 More BB 10 Phones Expected to be Released Soon

BlackBerry 10 has been doing well and as company hinted earlier that there would be at least 6 BlackBerry 10 devices in 2013, it seems that we are ready for another launch after Q5 arrives in July. The pace at which BlackBerry is rolling out the devices makes us safely assume that we might have a rumored Z5 and A10(A possible phablet) in next 4 months which still leaves a space for the sixth one.

Following are the 3 devices which have been released ranging from top end full touch and the flagship BlackBerry Z10, a physical keyboard based and touch phone BlackBerry Q10 at the same price range with Z10. The recently announced BlackBerry Q5 which is also touch and type but will be priced a lot lower then Q10. BlackBerry Q5 will come in many color options unlike Q10 and Z10 which comes in Black and White color options only.
BlackBerry 10 Devices
Released BlackBerry 10 Devices
The internet has already flooded with the leaked pictures of the next line of BlackBerry 10 devices. Z5 seems to be the mid range version of Z10 while the BlackBerry A10 is said to be the next flagship BlackBerry 10, and it is rumored to be a phablet. Which lets us assume that we might have a lower end of A10 also, called A5 maybe.

BlackBerry 10 Devices
Expected BlackBerry 10 Devices

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