Monday, April 29, 2013

Samsung announces galaxy tab 3

Samsung's has announced another android tablet in its Galaxy Tab series, called Tab 3. Galaxy Tab 3 is the first new Tab we've seen in just over a year, and like the Galaxy Tab 2, it appears to be targeted towards more budget-conscious buyers than the high end, and is expected to be priced between 15K to 20K.

Overall, the tablet inherits is look from Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, a visual overhaul to bring it in line with Samsung's other post-Galaxy S III phones and tablets. it has shed its button-free face and picked up the now-standard hardware Home button flanked by capacitive Back and Menu buttons.

Though, tab 3 looks is lot like the Galaxy Tab 2 in terms of tech specs as both have 7-inch 1024×600 displays with pixel densities of 169 ppi. Both use a dual-core processor (a 1GHz OMAP4430 in the Tab 2; an indeterminate 1.2GHz processor in the Tab 3), 1GB of RAM, and 8 or 16 gigabytes of storage expandable via microSD. Both include Bluetooth 3.0, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, and optional cellular connectivity. Both have a 3MP rear-facing camera (though the front-facing shooter on the Tab 3 is now a 1.3MP camera, up from 0.3MP in the Tab 2). Both include Android 4.1 (if you've updated your Tab 2, at least).

The Tab 3 is slightly lighter and thinner than the Tab 2 (0.67 pounds and 0.39" thick, compared to 0.76 pounds and 0.41" thick), but otherwise the similarities outnumber the differences.

The Wi-Fi version of the tablet launches in May with the 3G version following in June. A lot would depend upon the pricing of this tablet as this doesn’t seem to be a much of upgrade apart from design from tab 2.

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