Saturday, February 02, 2013

BlackBerry Z10 Available on eBay India at Rs. 46,000

Though BlackBerry has not officially launched its new full touch and much awaited BlackBerry 10 operated Z10 Model in Indian market, but you can still buy it online for 46,000 rupees. Yes, that what the store owners at eBay are charging for the new BB Z10. There are currently 2 shops on eBay that are listing the Z10, and an interesting thing is that both of these have mentioned clearly in their sub heading that the phone will be shipped only after 15 Feb, with a capitalized ONLY, meaning even they haven’t yet got their hands on the device.

BlackBerry Z10 Price on eBay India

Though we DO NOT in any way are trying to promote these two shops, and this is not the first time that eBay shoppers are listing a product before its official release, but the pricing here is very catchy, iPhone 5 16GB when launched had a price tag of 90,000+ on eBay before it was officially launched in India, and when it actually did, it was mere 45,000, almost half of it, so, are we in for a BlackBerry phone with so many rich features and a new OS under 35,000? of course it would definitely be above 30,000 in any case looking into the features they are providing.

The two shops with 411 and 19 feedbacks and a buyer rating of 82.1% and 80.6% have listed 8 and 5 phones in their shops respectively, but none of them has yet received their first orders. The accessories such as screen protectors and hard cases are out for shopping too.

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