Friday, February 01, 2013

BlackBerry 10 is in, will it stir up the league?

BlackBerry 10 has been launched this week and now it is in the hands of critics. Well, if we go by the mean of all those reviews I read, I must say BlackBerry has done a great job, yes there are some flaws and glitches in the OS but remember, this is the first generation of the BB10 OS, so we can not expect it to be perfect. The biggest concern so far out of all the reviews is the missing home button, which for many users is something completely uneasy to adapt to, but it should not be an issue once you are used to it.

BB10 has launched with rather less, far less “mess” with which iOS 6 launched. It is only in its 1st generation and once it goes out in the peoples hand, there will be a bigger scope of improvement on the grey areas. The devices for sure look cool. The Z10 in particular, is the better of two, Q10 will be an interesting device once it comes out to the market with a big screen and a physical keyboard.

BlackBerry Z10

Z10 does look similar to iPhone 5 (The black one, the one in white above, scores over black IMHO) and I am still surprised that we haven’t heard any law suit case filed against BlackBerry from Apple so far. The Z10 has a screen size just a fraction larger than that of an iPhone 5. The front view of Z10 is fine and it’s the edges with almost same curves which makes it look similar to iPhone 5.
An interesting idea from BlackBerry with this launch is that, it is not the phone that the company is promoting, it is the OS rather, and with the performance and the reviews, it does look valid. OS is getting far more positives that the device. BlackBerry has said that they are open to the market to ship their OS and it will be great to see BB10 running on some of the other devices from HTC and Samsung. Samsung has a huge role in taking Android to the next level and wounding iOS in the league, and if it does shake hands with BB10, the company can easily reprise.

One of the best comments about how good BB10 is:

“The Z10 is easier to use than an Android phone. It is more difficult to use than the iPhone, but it is also more powerful, giving you faster access to your email, tweets, Facebook status updates and text messages.”

BlackBerry 10 is a robust and reliable platform that is smooth and responsive. It has a modern design and a gesture-based interface that is highly discoverable. As it does not have a home button, so it is designed to support, learn, and adapt to the way you work and share with features like the ever-present BlackBerry Hub, which is a single place to manage all your conversations whether personal or work e-mail, BBM messages, Facebook, twitter updates or notifications. The ability to "peek" into the BlackBerry Hub from anywhere, so you're always just only one swipe away from what matters to you, rather than falling back to the home screen by pressing the home button, like in iPhone(I hate that thing when I am in middle of an app and land on home screen on pressing the button).

BlackBerry Flow, where the BlackBerry 10 experience excels by enabling features and apps to flow seamlessly together, helping you complete the task at hand effortlessly and efficiently. You can tap on an attendee listed for a meeting to see their latest tweet or LinkedIn profile. Or tap the thumbnail of a picture you just took to launch the Picture editor and quickly apply a transformation or filter, then instantly share it with your contacts. An amazing keyboard that understands and adapts to you and your language, that learns what words you use and how you use them, then offers them up to you so you can type faster and more accurately, if you type short hands and slangs it is a perfect match for you.

Time Shift Camera, an astonishing camera feature that lets you capture a group shot where everyone is smiling with their eyes wide open. Story Maker, which lets you bring a collection of photos and videos together, along with music and effects, to produce an HD movie that you can instantly share. BlackBerry Remember, which combines memos, tasks and much more into a single experience. It helps you organize and manage information you have on your smartphone around projects or ideas, letting you collect content such as websites, emails, photos, documents, and other files, and then like a To-Do list, lets you create tasks, assign due dates, and track your progress. If your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is set up with a work account, your Microsoft Outlook Tasks will automatically be wirelessly synced with BlackBerry Remember. If you have configured an Evernote account with your smartphone, BlackBerry Remember will sync Evernote workbooks as well.

Apart from the above features, the new BlackBerry 10 browser which sets the industry benchmark for HTML5 support on smartphones, is incredibly fast. Scrolling or zooming is fluid and responsive. The browser includes many advanced features, supports multiple tabs, lets you browse sites privately, includes a reader mode, and integrates with the platform for easily sharing content. BBM get the touch of video calling. which allows you to share things with the people that matter to you in an instant.

It has launched with around 70,000 BlackBerry 10 apps and one of the most robust music and video catalogs in mobile today. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare apps for BlackBerry 10 are preinstalled, and BlackBerry 10 customers will have access to leading applications from across the globe. Leading application providers including Disney, Cisco, Foursquare, Skype and Rovio have committed to the platform.

With this entry, will the market see a new rise or it’s a dead end for the company, only time will tell but we can expect a lot from this promising OS in its coming versions if it has the legs to go that far.

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