Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The “B”- day is here for RIM

Falling and rising stock prices, rave reviews, delays, leaked images, videos and specs, criticism, all has boiled down to this point, the D-Day, or the “B” –day in the case of RIM's BB10. We are on the verge of the most crucial launch ever for BlackBerry makers since its inception.

Though RIM surely has tough times ahead as some analysts are counting it out already due to a very delayed release, some are even quoting it as last nail in coffin for RIM. Investors though seem to be interested with the stocks up by 154% since September last year and It closed at $15.71 on Tuesday, down 3.4 per cent.

BlackBerry 10

“If they get a lot of their existing subscribers to buy the new phones, they are golden,” says Mr. Jackson, a hedge fund investor and founder of Ironfire Capital LLC who was previously shorting RIM’s shares.
We will be keeping an eye on the RIM's BlackBerry 10 event which is tomorrow at 10:00AM.

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