Monday, December 10, 2012

RIM Offers A First Glimpse At The BB 10 Hardware

While the countdown is running for BB 10, RIM has finally revealed its first batch of BlackBerry 10 L series devices in the image showing only its back. RIM recently posted a teaser image of a forthcoming BB10 smartphone to its BlackBerry 10 landing page.

It seems like RIM would be teasing for a while and take up the curiosity levels on day by day basis. Judging by the device’s dimensions, we’re almost certainly looking at the all-touch L series BlackBerry, which RIM has said will debut ahead of a more traditional model with a physical QWERTY keyboard in 2013. On the other hand, QWERTY seems to be ready for before June 2013 release.


RIM has had a better last quarter compared to the harsh 3/4th of 2012. The stocks seems to be working well after a series of dramatic dips that coincided with some rough earnings releases, and Goldman Sachs raised its rating of the company from “neutral” to “buy” at the end of November.

Whether or not it will be taking on android or iOS, it will have to first take on windows 8, and in the coming days, we can expect a few more teasers.

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