Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BlackBerry to RISE on January 30?

BlackBerry 10, that’s what is the last stand for RIM to actually stay in the smartphone arena. They have been doing all sort of things which they were expected to do a lot earlier, but sooner or later, they seem to have taken the right path and at almost or I must say at exactly the right time. The Smartphone market as we already know has been reigned by Android off late and with iOS degrading with every new version, and hopeless windows mobile, we are now eying the BlackBerry 10.

I know it has been a tough time for RIM and its users, I, who own a BlackBerry Curve 9300, am a proud owner and a user of BB, and should I say honest, but not biased. I, along with RIM have been through a lot of hard time, RIMs epic fall from the top with shares falling up to 90% says it all. No apps, as Android and iOS user say, similar hardware which is hard to differentiate for the non BlackBerry users b/w 8520, 9300, or to some extent, should I say even b/w 9900 and torch also Winking smile

BlackBerry 10

Well, non BB users (iOS and Android) have everything going their way with apps, new devices from Samsung almost every quarter. But none the less, “We owned the mistakes we made, We took responsibility and changed stuff.” said RIM CEO Heins.

RIM had recently announced that it will be unveiling its much-awaited BlackBerry 10 operating system on January 30, 2013. The event will happen simultaneously in multiple countries around the world and company is also certain that the new smartphones based on this OS will start retailing soon after the event.
In a demo on dev device in a 10 minutes video tour of what this operating system has to offer which runs on an almost finished version of BlackBerry OS 10.

The four key features that are demonstrated in the video are;

Lock Screen

The first feature that is being showcased is adaptive lock screen, which changes into icons as you move your fingers around the screen.

BlackBerry Flow

BlackBerry Flow is a new user experience that allows seamless navigation across open applications and the BlackBerry Hub.

Dedicated Multitasking screen

The new BlackBerry 10 OS will come with screen dedicated to "efficient multitasking".

BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry Hub is the focus point for the new operating system. It is the place where all messages, notifications, feeds, and calendar events can be seen. Also, one can access the Hub with a simple gesture at any time no matter what you are doing with the smartphone.

This video also gives a glimpse of the BlackBerry 10 App World. RIM has already made it clear that it will be pushing for app quality, not quantity, with its make-or-break BlackBerry 10 devices and targeting applications to customers in various regions. BlackBerry Balance offers to keep personal apps and information separate from work data, and the user can switch from their personal to work profile with a simple gesture, which seems to be a good option for business user who want to keep their personal and official stuff separate.

It is expected that BlackBerry 10 OS will come with video chat feature for the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service as RIM had recently launched a beta version of BBM app that supports voice calling over Wi-Fi.

With the share price of RIM now slowly growing, it seems that the trust is being restored, this is the time in which RIM can deliver the best they’ve got, it’s the time to bring a change, it’s the time to, RISE.

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