Friday, March 18, 2011

Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS20

Hello Folks,

This is weird, a Sony Camera at 200$ with a 12.8 MPxl Camera, 1920 x 1080 HD Video recording + whopping 8GB of internal memory, decent enough battery backup, a flip-out USB arm, and easy photo sharing and absolutely NO Flash. Sounds really weird that Sony put in all that they possibly could in this nice looking pocket camcorder, but certainly missed out on Flash, which actually is a big let down.

Now let me start my own personal experience with this bloggie touch for a better review. Though it is not yet available in India officially but i ordered it from USA and its been 3 months now since i am using this bloggie. Let us first get into its positives. Only one round button engraved in the middle like an iPhone, 2 more buttons on right side, one for taking pictures and other for on/off.

Before buying it, make sure what exactly you are looking for, this is NOT A DIGITAL CAMERA, this is a High-Definition Pocket Camcorder which can also take pictures at 12.8MPxls. But this is where Sony got it all wrong, when we see 12.8MPxl, we think of it as a digital camera and forget that it does not have a Flash and moreover its a Camcorder NOT a Digicam.

Looks certainly score a 4 Star,

Anyways, the goods in Sony Bloggie

  • Full HD Video recording at 1920 x 1080.

  • Easy to use, just one click video recording.

  • Face detection is very good.

  • Auto focus is good.

  • With its 12.8MPxl Camera, the image quality in bright day light is awesome.

  • Easy and quick start.

  • With its flip out USB arm, its easy to plug in and charge.

  • Easy photo Sharing with its tagging software.

  • Large 3.0" touch screen, which is very responsive.

  • Decent enough battery backup if you just click and record rather than watching clips which you have recorded.

  • HDMI port.

  • Plug n play on windows.

  • 8GB internal memory (Bloggie has 2 variants, 4GB and 8GB).

now, the bads in Bloggie

  • No flash

  • No flash

  • No flash

  • and, No PAUSE, yes guys, it does not even have the option of pause, which means, while you record the HD video, you cannot just pause it and resume seconds later, you have to end the clip, and start fresh every time.

  • No expandable memory, with HD Video, and high resolution images, the memory fills up very fast, but still, 8GB model is better in this scenario with 4 Hours of HD recording and/or 4000 Images

  • Only records MP4 video format, which are certainly not playable in most of the DVD Players.

  • No HDMI cable included in the box.

  • The flip out USB feels uncomfortable when you plug it in and you need to be very careful not to damage it or possibly loosen the internal connection.

  • The camera becomes quite slow but not too slow and takes time to navigate when the memory is 75% full.

Things that impressed me in bloggie are its Full touch(very responsive), HD video, great Picture quality in bright day light, HDMI port, easy photo sharing.

I bought an HDMI Cable and plugged it into the LCD Tv to see the HD Videos on the big screen, and believe me, I was not let down by the quality. The Videos were amazing which were recorded even in the room light, and mind boggling in bright sunlight. Even the stills were decent in room light if taken correctly, and in sunlight, pictures were impressive.

Sony did not include much accessories in the pack, just the cam itself, plus a 6 inch USB extension which actually is ridiculous to have after spending 200$ wherein they could have given a 1.5 mtr USB extension, and a holding string which is great and make you feel that the camcorder is safe in your hands.

My Take on it.

For what I regret are, No Flash, No Pause, and that's it. For me, the camera, I mean the camcorder was the requirement, so I did not regret the purchase I made. It's only after I got this in my hands and realize that this could have been a great gadget had Sony put in a Flash and a pause button.

Would I recommend?

Yes, if you are looking for a camera that can take great pictures(in daylight), great video (Clips), and a touch screen, this is the one for you. But if you want a Digital camera where in you can compromise with video, and badly need a flash, go for other digital cameras.

Finally, the texcite score for Sony Bloggie touch is

Looks - 4 Stars

Touch - 4.5 Stars

Video - 4.5 Stars

Stills -  3.5 Stars

Ease of use - 4 Stars

Overall - 3.5 Stars

Sony Bloggie Touch 8GB

Sony Bloggie Touch 8GB

Sony Bloggie Touch 8GB

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